Fri, Apr 6 2018
Doors: 7 p.m. Show Time: 7 p.m.


Presenter/Promoter: Small World Music Society

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About the Event:

As kLoX, Gurpreet Chana :: The Tabla Guy and Robert Mason melodically unite modulated tabla and electronically processed violin by integrating their classical training with computer aided performance technology. Sonically expansive soundscapes employing uniquely engineered rhythmic patterns will move you to explore the vast reaches of dance floor oriented electronic music.

'Both play their traditional instruments together, plugged into laptops so that the sound can be looped and manipulated by the performers on the fly. What results are layers of tabla beats and violin melodies whipped into a swirl of energetic sound.' - John Teradus, The Toronto Star

Chana harnesses custom software to create nuanced soundscapes, drawing from the tabla’s percussive core to sculpt the melodies that drive his electronic compositions. Live, it is a captivating immersive experience, underscored with spectacular responsive visuals. A dynamic fusion of tabla with a bold array of musical styles, which must be seen, to be truly appreciated.

Part of the 16th Annual #AsianMusicSeries sponsored by TD.


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